Gullwing America’s Ferrari F340 Competizione

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In 1952, Ferrari built three F340 Mexico Berlinetta’s for one of the most dangerous races in the world; the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico. The 340 Mexico was built in an effort to take on three 300SL’s that Mercedes was sending to the race. Three examples were built, but no road-going version were produced. Enzo Ferrari, the company’s founder, hated producing road cars, but it was necessary to pay for their racing ventures. In day one of the race, the first 340 lost control in loose gravel and crashed, taking it out of the race. The second one didn’tmaking it thanks to mechanical failure on day three, but chassis #0224 AT finished the race and managed to take third place after a disqualification of one of the 300SL’s.

This car was incredibly unique and rare. One sold at RM Auctions for $4.3 million in 2011. They’re beautiful cars, but due to limited production, not many have seen or heard of them. Texas-based Gullwing America Auto Design & Tuning took the classic 340 built their modern interpretation for proprietor Arturo Alonso. Meet the Gullwing America Ferrari F340 Competition.



The chassis is based on the Ferrari 456 platform with stiffened components and slightly lowered. The body will be hand-built by Mark Nungent of Australia out of aluminum. To modernize the body, they’re adding a diffuser, a rear spoiler, side vents and a front splitter to modernize the car. The original powerplant for the 340 was a 4.1L Lampredi V12 with three Weber 40mm carburetors capable of 280 horsepower, but this new ride uses a 5.4L V12 capable of 476hp @ 6300rpm. The entire suspension, brakes and drivetrain will be modified to keep up with modern day Ferrari’s.

One of the coolest custom features of this car is the one-off interior. It has carbon-fiber seats with a custom roll bar integrated. It also has chronometers, custom stitching throughout and a matching luggage set to fit behind your seats. This thing is absolutely insane. Gullwing America has built one example, but they will build more if a customer requests. We would love to see this thing in person, but chances are, we’ll see one of the few ’52 340’s before we see the F340 from GWA.

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