Project Silverback ’69 Camaro

Part 1. Raised on Gasoline Project Silverback is the product of a silver-haired, ...

Part 1. Raised on Gasoline

Project Silverback is the product of a silver-haired, jort-wearing man from Ohio who always wanted a ’69 Camaro. This guy, Anthony Busack, grew up in a family afflicted with the automotive bug. His father bought a ’62 Corvette at 19 years-old and hasn’t let go of it yet. Anthony caught the addiction to a good American V8 from the sounds and noises the Corvette’s potent 327ci small-block produced. When Busack was 12, his dad let him drive his first car with a manual transmission, the blue Nova below. 12 year-old boys are easily influenced and this experience got him hooked on stick-shift cars. Some of us just have that indescribable thing inside of us that yearns for the smell of gas and tires burning.

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He started working on his parents when he was just 14 to help him get a 1969 Camaro for his first car. In his mind, he needed one to live. Can you blame him? The ’69 is one of the most iconic American muscle cars ever made. On his 16th birthday, his parents had a big surprise for him. They threw him to the keys to the family’s…’85 Oldsmobile Cutlass. This grey G-body wasn’t what he had been hoping before, but it would do. The car couldn’t get out of its own way with the 140hp 307Y engine, 3-speed auto and highway gears. He tried his best to drive it like a muscle car, but there was no way around the truth. It was a cruiser, a family car.


After he finished college, he finally was able to buy a performance car; a ’95 BMW M3. The E36 not only helped him learn how to drive a quick car, but hooked him on the euro scene. Eventually, he was able to afford its big brother; a 2002 BMW M5. The E39 is unquestionably one of the best performance sedans ever produced. BMW sprinkled some fairy dust on these cars as they left the factory. No four-door car has the precise sports car feeling of the E39 M5. Anthony swears that it may be the best all-around production vehicle ever, but we think a modern 4-door like the Hellcat Charger, CTS-V or ATS-V may give it a run for its money.

“The styling of the ’69 Camaro was an itch that I knew would have to be scratched at some point.” – Anthony Busack

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He became enthused with the feel of a German sports car, but couldn’t get over the look of a classic American muscle car. He told us that he knew it was time. He needed the ’69 Camaro he had always dreamed of.

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