Skrape’s Nearly Stock ’55 Handyman

You may remember the TV show Tapout from ’07 and ’08 that highlighted the ...

You may remember the TV show Tapout from ’07 and ’08 that highlighted the Tapout clothing company’s journey in the MMA industry. Tim Katz, known on the show as SkySkrape, has always been a huge car guy, even when Tapout was his focus.

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After success with the brand, Skrape decided to start a new company last year, Black Widow Exhaust. The goal was to produce mufflers that performed well and sounded sick, but didn’t have the annoying drone that many have on the highway. Throw a set on your car and it will sound like a racecar. My ’73 Scamp with a mild 340 sounds nuts with them. It would sound good with other mufflers, but the Black Widows have a signature sound.

Skrape has always had a thing for the ’55 Chevy. He has another ’55 with an LS, but has always wanted a wagon. He’s looked for awhile for one that is generally untouche. He finally found this one 15 miles from his house with the original 6-cylinder and all. Here is his┬ácompletely stock ’55 Handyman wagon with a surprise under the hood; a Chevrolet Performance LSx454.

After one of his other projects wasn’t ready for SEMA, he decided to get the ’55 210 ready instead. He took this thing over to Mullenix Racing Engines in Simi Valley, CA to take out the factory 6 cylinder in exchange for an LSx454 from Chevrolet Performance and a 700R4 transmission. In a week, they got this thing together and ready for SEMA. The paint, frame, rear end, brakes, interior and wheels and hubcaps are all original. They threw this thing together just for SEMA. The motor is soon coming back out in exchange for a mild 5.3 so he can put the 454 in one of his other projects. When he fires up the stock-appearing ride, the 3″ pipes and Black Widow Pro Venom mufflers wake you up. Thankfully the skinny bias-ply white walls won’t hook up or he’d tear the original rear end up trying to get all 620hp to the ground.

One of my favorite things about this car was watching his 3 year-old son hop out of the car seat and climb out. With a grin a mile-wide, you can tell he loved it. I didn’t even give him a warning that I was coming down. I shot him a text that I was in Huntington Beach and he threw his son in the back and headed out. This may not be a bruiser like his ’67 wagon, but it is a hell of a cruiser.

Soon we’ll show you a couple of his other rides. You may have seen his ’67 Nova wagon with a Mullenix-built supercharged LS and TCI suspension before. It was featured on the /Big Muscle YouTube show awhile back and has been to a few autocross events around SoCal. What do you guys think of this ride?

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