The 2017 Camaro ZL1: Chevy’s Answer to the Hellcat

Since its release, the Hellcat has been the talk of the country. Everybody wants a ...

Since its release, the Hellcat has been the talk of the country. Everybody wants a Hellcat. Everybody wants to drive the 707hp monster. Dodge marketed their beast as the ultimate American muscle car. Chevrolet let them have their parade lap, but now they’re out with their new Camaro ZL1 to shut them down. They even came out in full offense with the press release’s headline reading, “…Get Used to Our Tailights.”

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While the straight-line performance is close, we expect the ZL1 to handle worlds better than the heavy Hellcat Challenger and Charger. The problem with the Hellcat’s is their dated, heavy platform. The Camaro has the brand new Alpha platform that underpins cars such as the ATS-V. This new lightweight chassis allowed the car to lose over 200 pounds from the last model while adding more power and more features. Another reason the ZL1 can take on a Hellcat out of the box are the wheels and tires. The 20″ forged wheels are wrapped in 285-series in front and 305-series tires in rear.

Another bit information just released by Chevy is on the new 1LE. As we expected, the FE4 suspension on the 1LE is borrowed from the ZL1. The 1LE is pretty much the ZL1 without a blower. It is made for serious track-time and aimed to be a true driver’s car. The 1LE can only do 4.2-seconds from a stop to 60mph, but that’s because they’re only optioned with the 6-speed manual transmission. We’re totally in support of that. We’re big manual fans and love to see manufacturers supporting the manual transmission.

Now that we know what the ZL1 is capable of, who else wants to go order one right now with the base price of $62,135? For seven thousand more, you can get the drop-top! We can’t wait to see these beasts hit the streets. Check out this video of a ZL1 celebrating 50 years of the Camaro…the right way.

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