The GR8est goldRush Rally Yet

Back in 2009, goldRush Rally was born. The idea was to take the baddest supercars and ...

Back in 2009, goldRush Rally was born. The idea was to take the baddest supercars and exotics in the country on a road trip like no other. It couldn’t just be driving to the stops or a time trial, it has to be something more. GoldRush participants drove, partied, raced and showed their cars off to the country during this epic nine-day event. Speed Society is proud to be a premier sponsor for goldRush. We love working with their extraordinary team. They put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this event to make sure it is an extraordinary VIP experience for the participants. There is no competition. This is the baddest road trip on the planet. The goldRush team truly live and breathe car culture. On Friday, May 13th, goldRush embarked on their eighth rally, GR8.ggssffdssd

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“GoldRush Rally is the leader in this space. The people, cars and passion is something I can’t explain.” – Charlie Rose, Speed Society CEO

Starting off in Boston, MA, the city shut down all of city hall to host the kickoff car show, goldRush style. People from all around the city and elsewhere came to see many cars that they had only dreamt of seeing in person. Thanks to Donut Bar, donuts were supplied every morning to help everybody start their day off right. Among the cars in the rally, a very special car was brought by Aston Martin Cleveland to wow the crowd. This was the $3.4-million Aston Martin Vulcan. Unfortunately, the masterpiece is a track car only that is not allowed on the roads, therefore no rallying for it. Only three of the 24 built are in North America, so seeing one in person drew a bit of excitement.


This entire trip is a giant playhouse for car guys. From parties to fast cars, who wouldn’t want to be in on this? Car guys tend to party pretty hard apparently. GR8 was filled with epic parties and more than one incident of extreme hoonage from the participants. It’s hard not to get a little loose when you’re hanging out with your car friends in some of the fastest cars on the road. Damon Fryer of Daily Driven Exotics is all over social media frying tires in his widebody Zebra-wrapped Ferrari 458. The goldRush staff said that he deserves an award for the most tires used on the rally. The parties are fun, but the cars are what draws the crowd.

The event is generally limited to extremely rare exotic and hypercars, but there was a large variety of high performance machines at GR8. From a legendary 90’s supercar to Ted7’s Fiat 500 showed up ready to wow the country. One of our favorite teams was Jason Applebaum’s team with the Rolls Rolls Royce and Trump Train. They took the “rolls” term literally, wrapping the car in unique MDMA pills. Like it says on their car, “We aren’t roll models!” Their other car is the one that really drew the headlines; the Trump Train. Superior Auto Design wrapped both of these cars but the Aventador may be the best one yet. Jason wanted to get everybody fired up with elections around the corner, so he went for a Donald Trump theme. He even put Trump’s face on the hood with “Make American GR8 Again” on his hat. If goldRush gave out an award for the most talked about car, The Trumpventador would definitely take the gold. Keyboard warriors on social media told them that there was no way they would make the trip without the car being mutilated or them being attacked, but they did it! He even let somebody take the car to the White House to park it in front and take pictures of it.


After Boston, they drove to Washington D.C., then to Charlotte, N.C. Apparently they had quite a few issues with cops these two days with multiple pictures and videos on social media of the Panda Bugatti, Trumpventador, Scottie’s Porsche GT3 and many other cars on the side of the road getting tickets. Normally the cops aren’t too hard on the participants as long as they aren’t being reckless, but this year was another story.


Scottie’s sweet mint-wrapped GT3 Street Cup is one of our favorite Porsche’s from the trip. In the 11th hour, Scottie called on our friends at Modern Image to get the car ready for goldRush. Enrico and the team there did a sweet mint green wrap on the car with all of the sponsor stickers included. We’re big fans of the big Speed Society logo behind the doors. Dieter and the team at HG Motorsports got the car ready for the trip while Modern Image made it look the part. Our team came out to hang out in Vegas and do the last part of the rally. One of our guys, Mike Petruzzo, was supposed to be taking Scottie’s GT3 out on the track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, but after too much goldRush partying, that didn’t happen. Nobody can stop talking about how mind-blowing the GR8 fun was. They didn’t sleep. They didn’t eat. They just had a blast. We can’t wait to participate in next year’s rally.


Some people do abstract wraps with crazy patterns and others choose a theme for the trip. A perfect example is Team Shake & Bake. Two guys with an AMS twin-turbo Huracan wrapped the car in livery similar to Ricky Bobby’s NASCAR from Talladega Nights. Then they dressed up as Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. from the movie. This duo on the movie was hilarious and loved by everybody who watched it. Team Shake & Bake was an instant classic. “If you ain’t first you’re last!” on the rear of the car applies to this monster. They ran 9’s at the dragstrip during the rally like it was nothing!

“You can’t have two number ones.” – Ricky Bobby
Yeah, ’cause that would be eleven.” – Cal Naughton Jr.


In Las Vegas, the participants got track time at the Zmax proving grounds to push their cars on the track. Pagani brought out a Huayra and the new Huayra BC to show us how it was done. The BC is Pagani’s new top dog. It’s lighter, more powerful and somehow more special than the already extraordinary Huayra. The AMG bi-turbo 6.0-liter V12 is turned up to 789 horsepower and 811 lb-ft. It has a special seven-speed Xtrac automated manual transmission with electro-hydraulic actuation and carbon fiber synchronisers. Even the tripod drive shafts were derived from a LeMans prototype. I could keep going on how Pagani made a hypercar into something other wordly, but lets focus on goldRush Rally. This event is obviously a big deal if Pagani put the effort in to bring a car all the way to Vegas for it. Las Vegas Motor Speedway probably doesn’t see this many awesome cars very often. They have drag races, exotic car racing and many other events, but this concentration of epic in one place could be overwhelming for some.


That night, XS Nightclub hosted a party for the goldRush participants. David Guetta hosted it, but Justin Bieber and Skrillex made an appearance to put on a hell of a show. No party is like a goldRush party. The cars are fun, but the night life helped make this the GR8est. From Boston, MA to the final destination in Las Angeles where they shut down downtown L.A. for the car show to end the rally, goldRush never failed to bring the cars and the party along with them. There’s a reason that many people of the participants have been coming back every year.


If you had to think of one exotic supercar that would stand out above all else in the minds of the American public, what would that be? I think it is the Bugatti Veyron. The former fastest production car in the world is a staple in the exotic car world. I mean, Ace Hood obviously thought they were pretty sick. Since they’re inception in 2005, 450 Veyron’s have been built. They’re like the unicorn of the exotic car world. Everybody wants a Bugatti. GoldRush Rally wouldn’t disappoint with three Bugatti’s showing up. The first is BC’s Panda Super Sport Pur Blanc, nicknamed for its white and black color scheme. Then there is the Hellbug and the Space Wars Bugatti. It is extremely rare to see one Veyron, but seeing three in one place? Insane.

Let’s do some math to see just how rare this experience is. 450 Veyrons were made worldwide. According to Automotive News, a quarter of those cars ended up in the U.S., so 113. There are over 250-million cars and trucks on the road in the United States today. 113 Veyrons in 250-million cars gives you approximately a one in two million chance of seeing ONE Bugatti Veyron. GoldRush didn’t just have one to show off, but THREE! This is just a small part of what makes goldRush the best road trip on earth.


It’s May 23rd and the Rally is over, but there is always next year. Speed Society is proud to be a sponsor of this incredible event. There is no way to describe the time and effort that goes into this event. The result is nothing short of amazing. This is car culture at its greatest. This is not only with the participants, but the spectators who come to see the cars. The look on a kid’s face when he sees a Veyron for the first time is worth it all. It would be pretty similar to my face when I lay eyes on the epic Jaguar XJ220. The rally isn’t about the cars, the parties, the racing or the recognition. It is about the comradery that we share with every car guy we meet. This is car culture at its greatest. The goldrush Rally brings the car community together. Without this community, it would just be a bunch of fast cars driving around. Instead, it has become something GR8.


This trip would not have been possible without some of the coolest car people in the world getting together to make it happen. Ben and Ramin are two of the main guys who make this thing happen every year. Our good friend Aimee Shackelford, A.K.A. Petrol Girl is who contacts the cars, sponsors and is there to keep everything flowing smoothly. Amber Blonigan of GI Automotive Group not only helped organize the event, she had a few of her customers out there in their Ferrari F12’s! Without all of these people, goldRush Rally wouldn’t exist and it definitely wouldn’t run so smoothly. The enthusiastic Jebo and Verone help not only keep the event running logistically, but make it fun as hosts. This epic crew creates a truly VIP experience for everybody involved and make sure to have fun doing it. They not only run the event, but they drive it too! Ben owns the Panda Bugatti and Ramin drove the red HuRAWcan pictured above. We can’t express how glad we are to be a part of this event and we plan on sponsoring goldRush for years to come. If you thought this year’s event was GR8, just wait for next year!

Big shoutout to Ted7 and the goldRush Rally crew for supplying the photos! Ted is one of the greatest car photographers out there and we’re proud to showcase his work here.

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