Tribute to his Son: Jesse’s ’66 Chevelle

I spotted Jesse Siordia’s ’66 Chevelle SS at Thunderhill Raceway during ...

I spotted Jesse Siordia’s ’66 Chevelle SS at Thunderhill Raceway during one of Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car events. It’s hard not to look at Jesse’s car. After talking to his wife as he ran the Speed Stop, I wanted to find out more about it. He wasn’t the fastest guy out there, but he was having a ton of fun. After talking to Jesse, I realized that this wasn’t just another car to them. This car was a part of their family.

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When his son was in high school, Jesse had a ’58 Thunderbird lowrider that they cruised around in all of the time. One day, they spotted this ’66 Chevelle sitting in a parking lot and realized they had to have it. He said it looked like a total grandma’s car, but with the 396 and 4-speed it was no slouch. They talked to the owner and traded the two cars straight up. He built it up faster and faster and decided that he would hand the car down to his son. Before he could do that, his son, Jesse Siordia Jr., passed away. Since then, Jesse has built this car as a tribute to his son. It’s undergone a few transformations, but he found himself wanting to do more than just drive to the local car show. He got hooked on the ProTouring world.

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