Electric Subaru Impreza: Pulling The Motor

Our world is full of amazing people. The automotive landscape is dotted with people ...

Our world is full of amazing people. The automotive landscape is dotted with people who are intelligent and innovative and many of them love to share their projects with the rest of their fellow gearheads. The automotive DIY community is massive and encompasses all aspects of the hobby, from engine swaps to suspension modification to complete vehicle makeovers. There are even people out there who have built surprisingly realistic Transformers!

The video below features a project that some of you have likely followed, as it’s developed its own cult-like following on YouTube. Channel owner Steve Cornett has converter his Subaru Impreza WRX to an electric motor setup that looks very much like it could be a factory install. While there are a growing number of electric motor conversions out there thanks to the recent innovations in electric vehicle (EV) technology, not all of them are as clean and tidy as Steve’s WRX.

In this particular video, Cornett is pulling the electric motor in hopes of diagnosing a noise that’s developed, hopefully preventing a major failure by catching whatever the issue is before it becomes a major problem.

The time-lapse style footage shows the process in hyper speed, but also allows us to watch the whole process in just a couple of minutes versus the entire afternoon it took in real time. The car is fairly unique in the electric arena because it actually uses a clutch and manual transmission, although watching one of Steve’s ride-along clips shows that the clutch and transmission don’t work the same way they do when mated to a gasoline engine, so be sure to check out some of the other videos on the channel and see for yourself.

Thanks to Steve for sharing his project with the world and letting us have a look at his awesome creation. What other projects do you guys like to follow? Drop some links in the comments on the Facebook page and we’ll check a few of them out!

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