Escalade on 4 Slicks! (1200 HP Uber)

One of the fun things about the world of drag racing is that there are so many ...

One of the fun things about the world of drag racing is that there are so many different corners to explore. On one end, we might have a community who is looking to go the fast as they possibly can. While most outsiders might think that this is all drag racers, we know that’s not the case. For example, we know that if somebody is looking for maximum speed, they probably aren’t going to start off with a Cadillac Escalade. In fact, due to how heavy these vehicles are, it doesn’t seem like the ideal platform for drag racing in any capacity. This is what makes a Cadillac Escalade build all that much more fun. Being able to see such an unlikely candidate below by your favorite sports cars might just be the thrill that you’re looking for.

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In fact, when it comes to Mitchell Stapleton, the owner of the LSXcalade, these off-the-wall builds seem to be all that he can focus on. With several other drag oriented machine sitting in the garage, he claims to have lost interest in anything that isn’t obscure. When taking a look at this powerful beast, we can definitely see why the shift in focus has come about.

Under the hood, we find a Dart block 427 with a pair of turbos that crank this thing to the 1200 horsepower ballpark. Now, Mitchell has been fighting a couple of issues with the truck but we finally got to see a clean pass out of it at Street Car Takeover in St. Louis.

To see how quick this thing managed to make its way to the quarter mile in addition to a couple of more details, be sure to tune into the BigKleib34 video below. Don’t worry, we get the feeling that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of this truck soon on Stapleton’s vlog channel. As this was the first clean pass, we would be left assume that Mitchell is going to continue cranking away at making the heavyweight move even quicker! Photo cred – 636 Photography

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