Even When the Race is over this Ferrari 458 Driver Just Keeps on Accelerating, This is Terrifying

Every once in a while, you by come across a roll racing video that catches your ...

Every once in a while, you by come across a roll racing video that catches your attention and is interesting to watch. Mainly, the reason why you’d probably find yourself tuning in is because you might see an unlikely matchup or want to see exactly how a car similar to yours would do against other cars without actually having to race them. This time, however, would check in with a video that has appeal in another way. Sure, on the surface, this Ferrari 458 matchup with a supercharged K20 Lotus on the highway might be interesting but what happens next will have you absolutely freaking out.

In this one, we watch as the Ferrari and the Lotus line up when the lightweight car surprises the Ferrari owner, taking off on him and rolling away with relative ease. It’s pretty neat to beat a high dollar exotic car but what happens next is the crazy part. You see, after the Lotus driver lets out of the throttle and decides that he’s done with the race, the Ferrari driver just keeps on going and going almost like the Energizer bunny. In fact, he keeps on rocketing until he’s at right around 190 mph. If I were in the passenger seat of the car, I would probably be freaking out just a little bit.

Check out the video down below that shows off his race that the Lotus driver thought was over but apparently the Ferrari driver didn’t. It’s pretty nutty to watch as the Ferrari just keeps on going and going until it just can’t go any longer. After you have the liberty of riding along in the passenger seat for this one, be sure to tell us if you would be willing to ride around in that same passenger seat in real life. I don’t know that there would be too many people who would be okay after going for a ride like that.

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