Ever Wonder How Fast the Ships in Star Trek Actually Are? How About Relative to One Another? Warp Speed Comparison

We have to warn you here because we’re about to get super nerdy on you! We had ...

We have to warn you here because we’re about to get super nerdy on you! We had to bring that to the forefront of your attention before we got into the breakdown of today’s content because, where this is going, I know that we are definitely about to lose some people but that’s okay because those who are interested will be incredibly on the edge of their seats to see exactly which ship featured in Star Trek is the fastest and by how much. Boys and girls, you had better get ready because this comparison lays it all out on the table and gives you a good visual idea of exactly how fast these things are really going.

When the ships are described as going at “warp speed,” It’s kind of tough to visualize the difference between a Warp five and, say a warp 8. After all, even 5 and 8 mph aren’t that different, heck , 50 mph and 80 mph still aren’t all that drastically different but, from what we see here, warp speeds really do differ and it’s displayed to us through the use of an interesting graphic that compares these ships to the speed of light, making light look like a snail as they make their way through the universe, showing which of the bunch are the stallions and which of the bunch should probably just sit out come race day.

Check out the video down below that takes you along for the ride, giving you some insight on exactly how fast the ships are going. If you are a fan of Star Trek, then you might want to get your eyes on this one because it wasn’t until just now that these speeds could really click. I would venture to say that, for anyone who watches the show, this graphical representation will really help to aid the storyline as you now have some sort of means for comparison to see just how incredibly fast these things are actually traveling through the galaxy.

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