Ever Wonder How Remolded Tires Are Made? Here You Go!

Ever Wonder How Remolded Tires Are Made? Here You Go!* * * enter to win this 1100hp ...

Ever Wonder How Remolded Tires Are Made? Here You Go!

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When tires have met their maker and no longer have a useful life in their current form, most would think that it’s off to the dump for the rubbery rings to be laid to rest.

Instead of simply throwing away the entire tire, though, there’s a way that tire makers can actually reuse parts of the old rubber to make something new. This process is known as “remolding.”

Check out the video below as we check out how old tires are stripped down to their cores and prepared for useful life yet again! According to the video, getting tires that are made using this process can be as much as 30-60% cheaper! Would you trust a remolded tire on your car?

If you want to pull out some extra mileage out of your tires, you might want to check out this process known as regrooving.

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