The Exhaust Jack – When You Need To Change A Tire QUICK!!

The Exhaust Jack – When You Need To Change A Tire QUICK!!pre-entries are now ...

The Exhaust Jack – When You Need To Change A Tire QUICK!!

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If you’re stuck in a situation where you’re in a vehicle where it isn’t convenient to carry a jack or even if you’re in a tight spot and need to change a tire in a pinch, then you might want to look at this neat invention known as The Exhaust Jack.

The concept is quite simple actually. The exhaust gasses produced by the car’s running engine are used to inflate an airbag which in turn lifts the car off of the ground.

Now before we’d buy it, we would have to do a little bit of research on how good that back pressure is for your engine and we may want to have some jack stands around just incase as well.

Even though we think the idea is killer, we hope the company has lawyered up because we see tears in the bag causing an unwanted accident.

Check out the videos below for yourself to see the airbag in action jacking up a UTV and full sized car and tell us if this is something that you would want to use on your ride.

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