Expensive NASCAR Ticket – People Behaving Badly

There are a lot of scummy people in this world who do a lot of scummy things, but we ...

There are a lot of scummy people in this world who do a lot of scummy things, but we would venture to think that even the worst of criminals would think twice before picking on the handicapped.

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When it comes to parking at this crowded NASCAR event, officials are in place to attempt to make sure that people don’t abuse the handicapped parking system by borrowing another driver’s placard.

However, a pretty substantial handful of people do grab hold of someone else’s handicap parking pass and use it to park up front, or at least try to.

How one can even do that and go to sleep at night it’s truly beyond us. These people should be incredibly ashamed for making someone who needs the assistance walk a further distance.

Check out the video below as some justice is served when these people who attempt to take from the handicapped are found out and ticketed accordingly.

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