Experiencing What Attending a NASCAR Race During This Pandemic.

Here we are. It’s late July 2020 and we know a lot less than we thought we ...

Here we are. It’s late July 2020 and we know a lot less than we thought we would have about COVID-19 at this point in time.

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With the way that things have been developing around us, people here in America have come to expect instant gratification. It kind of seems like that mindset has bled over into how we’re dealing with the ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, though, Amazon can’t deliver the COVID remedy to our doorsteps like they can everything else; at least not yet.

However, it seems as if different folks have different opinions on how to navigate through the situation. While some are playing it safe, others don’t even believe the pandemic is real. It’s hard to even do our research because there’s so much information flying around that it’s difficult to know what to believe.

In terms of businesses that need an audience to succeed, it seems like some of them are taking a cautious but forward-moving approach. With NASCAR, we have watched as the sport has brought fans back to races with a limited capacity.

It seems like they’re trying to implement social distancing techniques all while keeping the attendance low just to see how things go. If everything goes well, hopefully, these sorts of events will lay down a precedent and we can get other sporting events going again with fans as well.

While he might have our disagreements, I don’t think that anybody is arguing with the fact that all of this is kind of a bummer to be a part of. However, no matter how much of a drag it might be, it’s still is a part of history. No matter which way things take a turn, this is going to be something that we all look back on one day from a different point of view.

Therefore, by following along with the video below from Eric Estepp, we’re able to witness history at NASCAR’s All-Star race at Bristol Motor Speedway with about 25,000 in attendance. Hopefully, in the future, we can look back on this and how crazy everything is when everything eventually goes back to normal.

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