Explaining the Magic Behind Ceramic Coatings

For plent of car enthusiasts and even regular people who own a car that they value, ...

For plent of car enthusiasts and even regular people who own a car that they value, keeping it clean is a must. In fact, the industry responsible for keeping cars clean is worth millions upon millions of dollars. We can’t necessarily pinpoint an exact number but one spin down the detailing aisle indicates that there are tons of companies going all in. With that in mind, there are not only multiple brands to choose from but also endless products. There are products that strip paint down to its bare basics and products that add protective coatings. This comes along with all sorts of corrective products in between. Sometimes, it can be tough to navigate!

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One product, though, that has seemed to pick up a relative amount of popularity is ceramic coating. Essentially, what this coating will do is protect the finish on a vehicle. It essentially adds a glass-like layer over the paint and clearcoat. It’s designed to keep it like new. In addition, this coating will also be able to do some things that a clear coat simply cannot. For example, some ceramic coatings are able to repel dirt and water. It’s pretty amazing how much thought and effort goes into some of these products that really make our cars shine.

By following along with the video below, the experts over at Engineering Explained give us a rundown of what exactly is happening with such coatings. It’s not something that we commonly think about but it’s really amazing what’s happening here. We can’t help but be impressed by some of the benefits that these coatings provide. However, with certain ceramic coatings, the price tag paid can be quite hefty. It’s certainly a balance of figuring out what a perfect finish is worth. Many of these products do a great job, though.

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