Exploring SoCal’s Most Exclusive Hypercar Collection

As car enthusiasts, I think that many of us dream about what we would do if we had ...

As car enthusiasts, I think that many of us dream about what we would do if we had unlimited money to collect any series of cars that you can imagine. With so many amazing machines out there, the list to go on and on for hours if not days as to all of the different models that we might have, if given the chance, and maybe even some of the different trim levels of different models that we would collect one on top of the other as we could make these collections go on endlessly. It’s a lot of fun to think about that for most people, unfortunately, it might not be a reality for the vast majority.

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However, while in most situations, truly endless money isn’t an option, for some people, they get pretty darn close and it just so happens that a lot of these folks also tend to be motorheads themselves. As you can imagine, while some of these cars might be way above most peoples’ heads, one of the most awesome collections in all of Southern California is probably going to encompass some pretty sweet rides. When you make your way through this collection, you can’t help but daydream a little bit, maybe even considering what it’s like to take a spin with some of these things through sunny California with the windows down to hear that sweet exhaust note crackle.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in what might just be considered one of the coolest hypercar collections in all of SoCal. While that title might be up for debate, it’s hard to debate the idea that there are some really awesome machines in this garage that most folks who have ever even so much as taken a look at a car wouldn’t be able to deny the opportunity to get behind the wheel off.

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