Exploring the History of Automotive Advertising – How Did We Get Here?

With certain automobiles, you might recognize a catchphrase or maybe a theme that ...

With certain automobiles, you might recognize a catchphrase or maybe a theme that goes with the way that they’re advertised. When we say things like “The ultimate driving machine”, “Like a rock”, or maybe even mention Matthew McConaughey, we don’t even need to bring up the name of the brand that goes with each of these marketing tools. This is because the advertisers behind these brands did their job in making sure that a catchy phrase could be associated with the product that they wanted to get across to you.

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An effective advertiser will have somebody wanting to buy a product and support it without even realizing that they’re being sold to or maybe even to the point where they don’t care as they get behind the brand anyway.

Another thing that you might notice about advertising as a whole, is that if you take the opportunity to look back on some old commercials, themes really changed across the board. An effective way of reaching out to a customer, say, 10 years ago, might not be the same or even a similar to the way that companies seem to want to reach out to a customer in today’s market. In an age where the world it seems to be constantly connected to the internet, the way that advertising happens is definitely changing faster than ever with marketers needing to have a keen understanding of social media to really be successful in this game of attention.

If you follow along down in the Donut Media video below, you’ll hear a little bit about how exactly automotive ads have changed along the years and why they’re going to keep on evolving. Every single day, the way that everything is sold to us is evolving so it only makes sense that car ads are evolving in the same way. It’s pretty crazy to think that the same product or a similar product separated by just a couple of years might be sold in a completely different way. This video really breaks down the “why?” behind that phenomenon.

These Car Ads Changed Advertising! | WheelHouse

The histories of automobiles and advertising are directly connected. See how the car changed how companies sell their products!

Posted by Donut Media on Monday, July 16, 2018

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