Extreme Road Rage Between BMW and Ambulance

Extreme Road Rage Between BMW and Ambulance1 of 500 limited edition car collection ...

Extreme Road Rage Between BMW and Ambulance

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Generally, when reporting on an issue we try to not take sides and see how both parties of said issue could be in the right, but here, that’s simply impossible.

What the driver of this BMW M6 did while cruising on the highway is simply inexcusable no matter how you look at the incident.

While rolling along, the driver of the BMW decided that he didn’t like the fact that an ambulance was driving in the left lane, stating that “you’re not allowed to drive in the left lane.” What did he do? Instead of calling the phone number that was probably on the back of the ambulance to report whatever issue we had, He decided to pull in front of the emergency vehicle on a crowded highway and stop dead.

We didn’t really think it was possible for somebody to be this stupid, but we’re proven wrong yet again. Check out the video below to witness this unbelievable stupidity for yourself.

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