FarmTruck and AZN Get Ready to Bring American Burnouts to Summernats

If you know Farmtruck and AZN, obviously, you know all about their drag racing ...

If you know Farmtruck and AZN, obviously, you know all about their drag racing background, hooking up some of the most unlikely vehicles to go fast in a straight line and sneaking up on unsuspecting opponents. However, that isn’t to say that they can’t go outside of their comfort zone a little bit and do something different from time to time. As we saw, last year, the dynamic duo took to the Summer Nats out in Australia to check out the burnout scene and this year, let’s just say that they’re getting a little bit more involved with Australian car culture.

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It really seems like these guys are able to appreciate anything with a lot of power under the hood and the Australian cars that completely shred the rear tires are no exception to this idea. In fact, they kind of clued us in that they might even build their own Australian tire shredder to go down there and do battle on the skid pad, attempting to keep up with the Aussies themselves and see if the Americans can lay down rubber as good as those who have been deemed the kings of the world in that category.

SEMA is the scene of the action as the duo talked to the crew from Summernats, divulging upon their plans to invade the land down under once again but this time, instead of standing around and signing autographs, they’ll be getting in on all that is killing tires. I’m not sure about you but personally, I really wouldn’t mind seeing how these guys hold up to the competition down there. If any of our favorite Street Outlaws would be perfect for the job, I would probably nominate Farmtruck and AZN to go down there and try to compete with the best of the burnouts.

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