Farmtruck & AZN’S Skidtruck Roasting Tires At The Good Fryday Burnout Competition!

We were introduced to the Skidtruck a few months back, but for anybody who missed it, ...

We were introduced to the Skidtruck a few months back, but for anybody who missed it, I’ll run down how the truck came to be. Back at the beginning of 2017, Farmtruck and AZN took a trip down to The Summernats, one of Australia’s biggest and most insane car meets. Their first trip down was in a “tourist” role, just taking the event in and learning as much as they could about our gearhead brethren from Down Under.

They had so much fun and were so enamored with the car culture, they decided to go back earlier this year, but this time as participants instead of spectators. They didn’t want to crate up the OG Farmtruck and ship it over, so they actually sourced another C10 and had it built just for slinging rubber, since that is one of the main attractions at the Summernats. They had the truck assembled in true Farmtruck fashion, but instead of a massive nitrous-huffing big block, they slid a supercharged LS3 between the fenders that would be more than enough to do some massive burnouts for the crowd without punishing the OG truck’s raceday combo.

Farmtruck ran into some rookie difficulties his first time in the burnout pit, but he and AZN had a blast and definitely made even more fans while visiting the Land of Oz. The truck, which was dubbed The Skidtruck, stayed behind in Australia while the guys returned stateside, but that doesn’t mean it has just been sitting around collecting dust. Instead, last weekend Phil Kerjean took the truck out to Good Fryday Burnouts and put it to the test, slinging it around like the seasoned pro he is.

Maybe when Team FN’A returns for their next Aussie adventure, they’ll have a little more practice under their belts and can jump into the pit and mix it up with the best of them. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see who gets behind the wheel and makes some clouds in the Skidtruck!

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