Farmtruck Scoping out WAGLER Pull Truck – Rolling Coal like CRAZY!

When it comes to Diesel performance, Wagler is one of the biggest names in the game. ...

When it comes to Diesel performance, Wagler is one of the biggest names in the game. From the asphalt of the drag strip to the dirt of the pulling track, Wagler has their hands in all aspects of the diesel market and they built some of the most capable trucks in each niche. We’ve already seen one of their trucks, with Farmtruck behind the wheel, lined up alongside Jeff Lutz for a fun little match race, and now we’re bringing you this clip of one of their shop trucks dragging the sled down the truck pull.

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Farmtruck again makes an appearance, though he’s not behind the wheel this time, opting instead to let the team driver do his thing. With the sled hooked up, the wheelman drops the hammer and the engine roars to life, rolling thick black smoke out of the exhaust and slinging dirt against the front of the weighted sled. Watch the engine closely, you can see the air actually being sucked into the engine as the RPM’s climb.

Even with the heavy weight box hung out front, the two-wheel drive truck still manages to lift the nose into the air as the rear tires dig and fight for traction. It doesn’t look like the truck makes a full pull, but does drag the weighted sled a long way down the track.

We don’t know if Farmtruck might make his way into the seat of the pull truck like he did the Wagler drag truck, but he certainly does seem interested. This just shows that there is much more to these guys than what you see on television. Farmtruck has no fear of jumping behind the wheel and would almost certainly be able to master the finesse needed to drag these sleds down the dirt track. Maybe we’ll find out soon!

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