Farmtruck VS Jeff Lutz In The 57 – Starting Line – Season 10 Behind The Scenes!

  If there’s one advantage that the Farmtruck will always have, that thing ...


If there’s one advantage that the Farmtruck will always have, that thing HOOKS! I can’t remember ever seeing the nitrous-fed Chevrolet pickup that we’ve all come to know and love on Street Outlaws having any kind of traction problem, mostly thanks to the heft of the truck, which is all steel from nose to tail and even has an aluminum camper shell adding a little more weight over the rear tires.

When you’re racing on the streets, traction is almost always the number one factor in determining the outcome of a race, and can allow a slower, or less-powerful, car to even the playing field against cars with more power on tap by putting down the power and launching hard out of the gate while the other ride is left spinning their tires. However, when you’re lining up beside a long time veteran of racing on sketchy surfaces, you can just about count on him having the setup working well out of the hole, and that’s exactly what Farmtruck ran into when he was called upon to compete for the #10 spot on the list against Jeff Lutz and his gorgeous ’57 Chevy.

Lutz is hardly a rookie, and despite the car being relatively new, he built it specifically to hook in questionable situations, such as one the streets of the 405.

Of course, it’s all speculation and smack talk until the light is on and the race is underway, and that’s exactly what this video form the Farmtruck and AZN YouTube channel shows: no editing, no cutting from angle to angle, just straight up racing from the starting line, where many of the races are won and lost.

As you can see, Farmtruck was all over the light, jumping out to a visible holeshot before Lutz launches the ’57 and reels him in quickly, with Lutz driving away on the top end to take the win. You have to give it to Farmtruck, though, for jumping all over the light and giving Lutz all he wanted!

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