Fastest 1/2 Mile Integra In the World! 207mph!

Of all the footage I’ve seen from last weekend’s NeverLife Half Mile Top Speed Event ...

Of all the footage I’ve seen from last weekend’s NeverLife Half Mile Top Speed Event presented by Shift S3ctor, this may very well be the most impressive. I learned early and was reminded often not to underestimate any four cylinder-powered car, but even knowing they can crank out insane power levels, I still was not prepared for this car to blitz the half mile at these speeds.

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Thankfully, TheBayAreaRacing channel added a full spec sheet at the beginning of the video, so we know exactly what it takes to push this relatively unassuming Integra to the double-century mark in the half mile. While I expected an H- or K-series build, the clean green Integra is actually powered by Honda’s legendary B-series engine, although it is has a bulletproof bottom end built expressly with the goal of running 200 MPH.

The engine, built by English Racing, is a B18C1 block with an Integra Type R crank, custom Wiseco Pistons and CP-Carillo Rods, and ACL main and rod bearings. Bolted atop the block, a 4Piston Front Runner CNC head with CSC Power-Division goodies handles getting the air in and out of the engine, including their “200 or Bust” custom retainers and springs as well as “GingoSticks” camshafts.

Force feeding air into the engine is an Extreme Turbo Systems forward facing turbo kit built around a Precision 7675 Gen 2 turbocharger. The kit features titanium piping and a massive ETS intercooler, which sends the chilled air into the Skunk2 4.5L intake.

Two sets of Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors introduce the engine to a healthy dose of methanol, which is sent from the tank by a Magnus Motorsports mechanical fuel pump. All of this is controlled by a Motec M1 system by John Reed Racing.

The car remains fairly unassuming, although there is a monster rear diffuser that does indicate what’s going on, but honestly, looking at the car from the outside, it really doesn’t look at all capable of these speeds, which we have to assume is intentional. Congrats to the English Racing crew for posting such ridiculous numbers, you guys should certainly be proud!

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