Fastest Pontiac G8 in the World, 8-Second TT Sedan is Rolling!

When we’re talking drag racing, you can catch just about any platform that your ...

When we’re talking drag racing, you can catch just about any platform that your heart desires out there on the quarter mile surface, setting records and trying to capture a personal best as everyone keeps on turning up their cars and all are out there really wanting to go as fast as they possibly can. Whether it’s a machine that was designed to be as fast as humanly possible or maybe one that was designed to be a little bit quick with the family hauling duty in mind, it’s still fun to see exactly what some of these things can really do with someone behind them that has a need for speed.

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This time, we catch up with a build that the owner says is not only something that pretty much anybody could aspire to do in their own garage with a decent set of tools but also something that is worthy of being called the fastest of its kind. When asked about the record, he seemed a little bit modest, saying that it was the fastest G8 in the United States and that some might be faster in Australia but we took the liberty of connecting the dots and figuring that technically it would be the fastest Pontiac G8 in the world because, in the land down under, these things are considered Holden Commodores, after all.

With a couple of turbos and an engine that you could find in a 20-year-old pick up truck, this combination really works its tail end off, proving that a simple set of rods and pistons can really go a long way to make you move if you have the patience to work everything out and make sure all the pieces fall into the correct places. In the video below brought to us by the BigKleib34 YouTube channel, we see that, while the driver might be a little bit modest, his machine certainly isn’t as it’s able to rip off a couple of insane passes and become what we believe to be the only Pontiac G8 that has ever touched the eight-second range in the quarter mile!

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