Father of 2-Year-Old in Fatal Car Accident Hurls Chair at Judge when He Hears the Sentence

When you take a look at a situation like the one that we’re about to present to ...

When you take a look at a situation like the one that we’re about to present to you, it really has the tendency to make your heart hurt. No matter what way you slice it, whether you look at it through the perspective of the father who has lost a daughter far too early or the driver who got himself tangled up in a bigger situation than any driver would ever imagine to be possible and that he has to live with for the rest of his life, it’s definitely something that will leave you in a somber state of mind. It’s really enough to make you want to reach out and try to help somebody here because you can’t help but feel for all parties involved.

The gist of the story here goes a little something like this. One day, when a pair of grandparents would head out with their two-year-old granddaughter on bicycles for a relaxing ride, they would soon find a car sliding out of control that would run over all three of them, leaving no survivors in the accident. When the situation would end up in the court of law, it would leave the judge in question to be left with quite the situation to dissect, trying to be as fair as possible in assessing where any intentional or negligent wrongdoing would sit. Even though it’s an incredibly depressing situation, it would be her job to separate emotion from the circumstances and process all of the evidence. At the end of the day, the judge was able to prove that a law had been broken by the car jumping a median and getting involved in the accident but she held solid on the idea that one couldn’t prove with the given evidence that it was related to carelessness on behalf of the driver. This would result in the driver receiving a sentence 120-hours of public service.

When the final verdict would come down, the father of the two-year-old who understandably would be overcome by emotion found himself in a fit of rage, hurling a chair toward the judge in the courtroom during a moment where things just didn’t seem to make sense to him. With that much emotion swirling around, I’m not sure that anyone would be able to process it all at once. With this father looking for justice, perhaps a verdict like that wasn’t something that would soothe his hurt. Honestly, I’m not sure that anything would be able to adequately do so. Within interactions like this, we’re starkly reminded of how human we all truly are and it really makes you want to appreciate every day that you’ve got.

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