Man jumps 129 feet into Newport Harbor nearly hitting a boat dock

If you have done any snooping around on YouTube in the parkour section, you might be ...

If you have done any snooping around on YouTube in the parkour section, you might be aware that there are some people out there completely lost their marbles. Their exhibition style displays take them to all new heights quite literally and take us along for the action with a conveniently placed camera.

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This time, we fly along with someone who takes that journey to the top of a building on the Newport Harbor but instead of attempting to avoid a fall, he welcomes it with open arms and leaves our hearts jumping out of our chest with every second of it. This is some action!

This one is almost hard to watch as we look on when the man climbs up th129-footot tall building and without hesitation leaps off of it, showing that he has shed any and all fear of heights that may have existed in his body as he comes feet from hitting a boat dock and plunges into the water with a giant splash. As someone who is afraid of heights, watching this on screen is more than enough of an adrenaline rush for me.

Check out the video below as this adrenaline junkie brings his passion into the screen and attempts to share it with us all. We would definitely recommend that this be something that you should leave to the professionals but if you did find yourself in such a position, would you make the jump?

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