Exotics Offroad: Ferrari Enzo Offroad Drifting

Exotics Offroad: Ferrari Enzo Offroad Driftingpre-entries are now live for ...

Exotics Offroad: Ferrari Enzo Offroad Drifting

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You’d think that if you mustered up enough cash to buy yourself the limited production Ferrari Enzo you would keep it in a climate controlled environment and maybe take it out on a Sunny Sunday. It is after all one of the best Ferraris that money can buy.

Thankfully for the sake of viral videos, Youtuber TaxTheRich100 is unlike any Ferrari owner we’ve ever seen. Check it out as the blatantly rich car enthusiast does something that any purist would cringe at… or any normal person for that matter.

We here at Speed Society actually get a twisted kick out of it, though.

In this video, the Enzo is battered and bashed as it finds itself undertaking a variety of offroad elements from drifting in dirt to blasting through stone on the ultimate joyride. This is truly every 12 year old’s dream!

Think that was crazy? Check out what he did to his Rolls Royce!

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