Ferrari F430 Hit 4 Times by Reversing Car

If you have a friend with a car addiction who happens to be afraid to park their ride ...

If you have a friend with a car addiction who happens to be afraid to park their ride in a public place, this video may just help you to understand why it is that they have that fear. If you aren’t someone who has such an addiction, to you, this fixation with parking in the middle of nowhere might seem like an irrational fear but this video will show you why it’s all so real.

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This time, we peer into the situation from the lens of a nearby cameraman who stands awkwardly next to the parking fiasco as a couple of old men hop into a Volkswagen and begin to attempt to find their way out of this tight parallel parking predicament.

We didn’t think that backing up until you hear something crunch was really a strategy that could be used in real life but in this scenario that’s exactly what happens. We aren’t exactly sure why the cameraman stood by and didn’t help the VW driver get out of the spot but the result that we saw made our insides rumble with anxiety.

Check out the video below that shows the VW driver backing up into this Ferrari F430 as he tries to wiggle his way out of the spot, bashing into the supercar harder and harder each time until he is finally able to free himself from the confines of the parking position as the alarm of the exotic ride screams from the collisions. To top it all off, the guy who uploaded the video to YouTube tells us that the paint job on the Ferrari costs somewhere near the $30,000 mark which again begs the question why nobody on the scene stepped in to help.

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