Figure 8 Racing Forms Most Chaotic Race We’ve Ever Seen

There are all sorts of racing or motorsport to get a fix of adrenaline. Whether ...

There are all sorts of racing or motorsport to get a fix of adrenaline. Whether it’s off-roading through a massive mud pit with a screaming V8 or sliding sideways in a drift session, all sorts of different strokes await competitors. Surprisingly, most of the time, these different corners of the motorsports world don’t cross over too much. However, we’ve found a competition that just about everybody in the motorsports community is going to love. A wide variety of people out there who couldn’t care less about going fast would probably love racing like this, too. The sheer suspense is really what makes it!

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The race was set up to fail. That’s probably the most interesting part of the whole production. The diabolical mind behind this one had to have “crash and burn” in their head when they concocted the formula. Essentially, as it would pan out, a bunch of junk cars would be sent out on to a figure-8 track in order to compete. Now, it’s not what you’re thinking. The figure-8 doesn’t have a bridge or anything like that so that the cars won’t intersect. Instead, the track is flat in design so that the cars deliberately get in sticky situations. This definitely creates some nailbiting situations, to say the least.

As we follow along in the video below, we see just how well these drivers are able to handle the action. There’s definitely a lot of use of the brakes. This is especially true when it comes time for the two lanes to cross one another. After watching the race in its entirety, we’re not too sure that there was any car in the mix that would be able to make it out unscathed. After watching this one, we’re not sure how many folks would hop into the action. It would certainly take a nice level of craziness!

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