What Happens When You Fill A Tire With Water?

When it comes to the rubber that’s between your ride and the road, there are a ...

When it comes to the rubber that’s between your ride and the road, there are a lot of considerations to make here. If you’re doing some sort of racing as opposed to general driving, you might want one compound but if you’re going to be driving on the streets, say, during the winter, maybe you want a whole different sort of tire with a different compound and tread pattern. One thing that definitely still remains constant among all tires is that you’re going to want to fill them up with air. Obviously, that’s just the way it is even though tire manufacturers are looking at different methods of giving tires their bounce that doesn’t involve any air, but that’s a topic of discussion for another day.

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This time, however, we check out a little bit of experiment that attempts to see what would happen if you took a traditional tire and attempted to fill it up with water instead. Would the tire completely fail under a load? Would it explode at the seams as soon as the weight of the car is placed on it in and all of that weight and pressure is forced upon your rubber? There’s no way that water could ever be as efficient as the lightweight counterpart, however, it’s pretty entertaining to think about what might happen in such situation when it fills a tire.

If you follow along with the video down below you’ll be able to check out the scene as a tire is filled to the brim with water in a car that’s thrashed on a little bit by the Life OD YouTube channel. Just watching this thing and all that rotational mass in effect makes us a little bit anxious but it’s still pretty cool experiment to witness. Without jumping ahead and cheating, can you tell us how you think this one’s going to end? Is something going to grenade or will this Nissan 240sx make it out of the watery tire situation alive?

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