Fire Truck Rescues BMW Driver From his Car… in Less than a Foot of Water

Sometimes, when it comes to certain situations that appear to be too crazy to ...

Sometimes, when it comes to certain situations that appear to be too crazy to believe, the facts might not exactly line up with what’s presented to you. While real life can be stranger than fiction, at times, other times, certain situations can be manipulated to maybe leave a little bit of information that could make something look extraordinary, when in reality, the story is nothing more than just your average day or isn’t really all that exciting but instead, does need a little bit more explanation in order to make people understand exactly what it is that’s going on.

This time, we touch base with a situation that does look a little bit crazy and almost as if it was something out of a sitcom. It might be one of those situations where all of the facts aren’t exactly obvious but, from the looks of things, it appears as if a BMW driver was stranded in a flood and attempted to dial up 911 to get emergency services to rescue him from his car that was surrounded by water. That seems like a rather reasonable situation, however, the plot twist here just so happens to be that the water is no more than a couple of inches high and it’s pretty strange to see the bucket from a firetruck rescuing somebody who appears to be able to simply walk away from it through the little bit of water.

If you follow along with the video you’re below, you’ll be able to see exactly what went on for yourself and perhaps be able to figure out if this is actually one of the strange situations at all. It seems like the people in the comments here are split between making fun of the driver and saying that maybe the water was higher when he called the fire department but had since fallen, at which point, then decided to use the emergency services anyway because they were already there. After checking it out for yourself, be sure to tell us what your take is on this obscure series of events.

Georgia Man Rescued During Atlanta Flooding Event

It was a dreadful commute home for drivers in Atlanta yesterday after heavy rains flooded roads and stranded multiple drivers. Here, Atlanta Fire and Rescue can be seen aiding a driver who found himself trapped on the street.

Posted by WeatherNation on Saturday, July 7, 2018

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