Firebreathing GT350 Throws Down Fastest Run In History

When we take a look at the Shelby GT350, it doesn’t stand out to us as a drag ...

When we take a look at the Shelby GT350, it doesn’t stand out to us as a drag racing machine as it sits. In fact, when we take a look over the specifications of design, it looks more like something that would tackle the corners in a road course. However, that certainly doesn’t stop people from drag racing them anyway. A little modification can go a long way! We think that, while it wasn’t designed for this line of work, it really is a promising candidate to get out there on the drag strip anyway.

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This time, we catch up with a group of guys who definitely double down on that idea. The crew at that Fathouse Fab not only wanted to modify a Shelby GT350 to drag race. They also were chasing down a couple of records in the process.

The build was on! Originally, this car went through several iterations from stock to a 1000hp package. Where it eventually ended up landing would be a twin-turbo 1400R package that the brand offers.

In addition to really hitting hard with the performance, the car also offers a little bit of fanfare as well. In terms of sounds, the flat-plane crank certainly makes this Mustang stand out from the bunch. One of the ongoing jokes about Mustangs is that they can tend to all sound similar. This combination certainly combats that idea. In fact, we think that with the modification here, the unique sound of the flat-plane crank gets amplified even more. When the car ends up on the two-step, it starts to scream, almost like an exotic car.

After all of the show is out-of-the-way, the performance is really behind the machine to match. When this thing rolls up to the line and starts spitting flames, we know that it’s game on! From there, it’s all business as all 1400 hp used to propel the car into the middle 8s. When the final verdict comes down, we see an 8.65-second pass, a new record for elapsed time. The car has now become not only the quickest GT350 but also the fastest stick shift s550 Mustang.

The most exciting thing about this adventure is that it’s just getting started. By following the BigKleib34 video below, we watch build that is relatively new make a record pass. We’re sure that with a little bit more ironing out, the guys will be able to go even quicker! Be on the lookout for this heavy hitter to continue with the blows to the record books.

Perhaps the most exciting part of a build like this is that it was driven 30 miles to the track and 30 miles home. Now that’s a streetcar if we’ve ever seen one!

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