First Fire Up and Dyno of Shawn’s TBSS After Some Mods

When you’re a gearhead, the oil runs deep in your veins. It’s likely that ...

When you’re a gearhead, the oil runs deep in your veins. It’s likely that you’re craving for modifying your car or truck clashes with other aspects of your life including the way that you think you want to soup up the other vehicles in your collection, daily driver or not.

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Even though the guys of Street Outlaws race some of the fastest cars to ever hit the streets, that isn’t to say that their racing vehicles are where the fun stops. This time, we check out what Shawn is driving when he isn’t behind the wheel of the Murder Nova, kicking ass and taking names.

It might not be too difficult to guess that his daily driver when he’s not in full race mode happens to be a Chevrolet Trailblazer SS and as you could probably also imagine, this Trailblazer just couldn’t remain stock while in Shawn’s hands.

Check out the video below that shows off a couple of upgrades to the TBSS including a new camshaft that gives the performance SUV and all-new grumble. Afterward, the truck hits the dyno to see what kind of numbers the modifications will yield. That’s the best part, after all! Right?


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