First Footage Of Street Outlaws Bobby Ducote’ New Car In Action!

Just a couple of days ago, we brought you some pretty big news from Street Outlaws ...

Just a couple of days ago, we brought you some pretty big news from Street Outlaws New Orleans star Bobby Ducote, who revealed his new twin turbo Mustang intended for street duty and no prep action. Ducote is wasting no time in getting the car dialed in, having already hit the track for some test hits. I have to say, for this car to be basically a brand new build from the ground up, it sure does look to be on pace to hurt some feelings once its lined out.

The car is powered by a Kuntz & Co-built big block Ford with a pair of monster turbos cramming air into the engine. I haven’t heard any horsepower numbers, but similar setups have made 3,000+ horsepower so there’s no reason to believe Bobby won’t be pushing those levels as well once he’s able to crank the boost up. Of course, with the car intended for use on less-than-ideal surfaces, he may not be able to put all of that power down, but he’ll have it on tap when it’s needed.

Ducote and crew loaded up and headed to Hub City Dragway in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to see how the baseline tune worked. It turns out, it works pretty well for a baseline. Easing into the power with a soft launch and only ramping up to 18 pounds of boost – depending on a few factors, the twin 98’s should be capable of pumping 50+ psi into the engine – the car left almost perfectly straight and rode the wheelie bars to what looked to be almost half track. As long as he can keep the car tracking straight, there’s no reason Bobby can’t bring in more power earlier in the run and really start fine tuning the boost curve to to what the track will hold.

We can’t wait to see what this car does when it’s fully tuned and ready to take on the no prep scene as well as hitting the streets for some action.

First time out I'm happy went strait getting used to the car An all progress from here An get faster as we go !!! PS we still only on 18lbs of boost the controller isn't working right lolLUTZ RACE CARS Bad Habitz Fab Kuntz and Company Racing engines SunCoast Performance Woolf Aircraft Products

Posted by Lil Legend "Bobby Ducote" on Saturday, December 30, 2017

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