First Look at the 2020 Supra on the Track

On the list of the hottest cars dropping in 2020, you can bet your bottom dollar that ...

On the list of the hottest cars dropping in 2020, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Toyota Supra is up there. With the nameplate resting, dormant for years, all eyes are going to be on the Supra to see what comes of it. Of course, the drag racing community is going to have their fingerprints all over this thing. It’s only a matter of time before the car will be modified and tuned nine ways from Sunday. We’ve already seen countless people foaming at the mouth and waiting to turn some wrenches on these things.

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For now, though, it’s time to lay down a little bit of a baseline. After all, we need something to compare the modified versions to, right? We also want to see just how much sauce Toyota or BMW or… whoever… decided that they wanted to throw at this thing right out of the box.

As it turns out, the guys over atĀ That Racing ChannelĀ were some of the first to get their hands on the car. What did they do with it when they got it? Well, they headed straight to the drag strip to see what they could do! There are some results that we’ve been dying to see!

With a first pass, the car was a bit volatile and took some getting used to. After a while, though, the guys really seemed to get the hang of it. After messing with a few settings and lowering the tire pressure, the challenge was on. It seemed like with the vast majority of passes down the track at Bradenton, the car got quicker!

We have to say that after this one, we’re incredibly excited to see these things when they get modded! What are your thoughts on the 2020 Supra? Let the mods begin!

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