First Person View of a Fighter Jet Catapult Launch From an Aircraft Carrier!

For most people, they’ll never get the chance to stand on the top side of an ...

For most people, they’ll never get the chance to stand on the top side of an aircraft carrier and for those who do, most of them will only be able to see what it looks like standing still as a tourist. Thanks to mountable camera technology, however, this time, we’re able to ride along with a first person view of exactly what a fighter jet catapult launch looks like from the deck of an aircraft carrier. From this side of the screen, it’s definitely an adrenaline rush to say the least so I would venture to think that actually being there would be the ride of a lifetime.

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These guys put themselves in a dangerous situation on each and every day in a place where one false move could mean that they don’t make it home in the morning. I think that most of us would prefer to watch instead of being a part of something like this and that’s where a video like this comes in so clutch. The perspective almost gives you the ability to feel like you’re up there on the deck with them, hooking planes up and launching them off of the carrier at higher rates of speed, nearly defying gravity and making magic happen up there by sending these incredibly technologically advanced aircraft into the sky.

Follow along down in the video below that might just get your heart pumping a little bit with adrenaline as you’re put in the middle of a scene that seems so hectic but so organized at the same time – your mind isn’t going to know which way to think. After immersing yourself in this world of an aircraft carrier flight deck, be sure to tell us what you think of this new experience. Just imagine being one of those guys who has to wake up every morning and get to work like this!

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