Five Cars Stolen at Hot Rod’s Power Tour, Owners Look for Answers

As the old saying goes, the only certainty is in this life are death and taxes. We ...

As the old saying goes, the only certainty is in this life are death and taxes. We think that maybe they should make a little bit of room for another part in that saying. It seems like it is certain that as long as the world is spinning on its axis, there will be scumbags who want to steal other peoples’ property.

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Sure, in the era of social media, it might seem like this phenomenon is amplified because of how connected we all are. However, we think that any car stolen is too many. Unfortunately, though, it’s something that we see the month in and month out. It doesn’t matter if the owner is just another Joe or one of the most famous racers at the track. Thieves will steal just about anything that isn’t bolted down and even some things that are.

Among the latest in reported stolen vehicles are a whole collection of cars from Hot Rod’s Power Tour. So far, there have been five that have popped up on social media. The event is a seven-day traveling journey that was expected to bring in over 6,000 cars.

The scheduled trip from North Carolina to Ohio has met some bumps in the road early on, though. For theses five unlucky participants in the tour, their vehicles were snatched right out from under their noses. As they would stop at the hotels of their choice for the night, the cars would simply vanish.

Charlotte seems to have been a hotbed for thieves who have their eyes on performance vehicles. Just last year, Jake Jarvis went viral with the story of his stolen Firebird. He’s still on the road to try and pin down who did it in order to hold them accountable. It looks like he’s going to have a couple more folks working alongside him, now.

The vehicles pictured along with this article were stolen from the Drury Inn and Courtyard Mariott in Charlotte, NC. If anyone has any sort of information related to recovering these vehicles, contact local law enforcement.

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