The Five Most Important Things You Need to go Racing

When it comes to drag racing, the investment to get into the sport can be rather ...

When it comes to drag racing, the investment to get into the sport can be rather intense. Not only do you have to buy a car and keep it running. You’re also going to have to buy all sorts of accessories. For someone who is looking to be competitive, they might not even know which way to look. There are just so many different things out there that people are trying to sell us. Which items are really the most important, though?

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This time, we join in with racer, Justin Swanstrom, to find out just that. In this one, he gives us the rundown of some of the basics that someone’s going to need when they go out to drag racing. Could you get away without having some of these things? Sure. However, there are some basics that Swanstrom thinks most racers should have before they consider going out there and competing.

At the end of the day, some of these things might cost a little bit of money. However, they seem to be tools of the trade that would end up paying off in the long run. Not having to think about these things on race day could take a weight off of the racer’s shoulders. The more time spent thinking about racing, the more efficient operation is going to be.

When someone is new to racing, they might not be able to pick some of these things out properly. Therefore, YouTube videos like this really help to span that gap. Back in the day, experience or a friend was the only way to learn something like this. These days, though, we get to kind of cheat in a way as we learn from the experience of racers who have done it before as they share their experience on YouTube.

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