Flat Bottom Boat Hits Wake And Throws Driver Out At Speed!

If you’ve never fallen into the water at a higher rate of speed or from a high ...

If you’ve never fallen into the water at a higher rate of speed or from a high altitude, it might not seem like such a bad deal to hit it fast or hard. It is, after all, liquid, you know, the substance that will conform to the shape your body. However, to the contrary of what intuition might insist, water isn’t exactly a friendly surface to come in contact with. If you hit it hard enough, many say that it acts exactly as concrete, really packing a punch that could take the liberty of tearing you limb from limb if you aren’t careful with it. Long story short, you’re basically going to want to avoid these high-intensity interactions with water at all costs if you possibly can.

In this one, we check out a situation that had to be a world of pain for this boat driver who thought they were just in for nothing more than a high-speed ride, when all of a sudden, things take take a turn for the absolute worst. As the craft would skip across the top of the water, it appears as if maybe it ended up grabbing an edge, causing a little bit of turbulence and chucking the driver out while the machine was under full throttle. This isn’t just any boat ride, either as this flat bottom machine looks like it was traveling at an insane rate of speed as it skipped across the surface of the water.

Hopefully, the driver was alright as we have no word on their condition as of now. In any situation, whether they ended up sustaining injuries or not, I know that this is definitely at least going to be one that they end up feeling in the morning. I don’t care you are, you don’t just get up from something like that and continue on as you were.

#hammerdown #holdmybeerWe wish Wayne a speedy recovery!!!

Posted by Hammer Down Boating on Sunday, November 26, 2017

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