Fletcher Cox All New Racing Rig is Officially “Hauler Goals”

Philadephia Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox’s day job prevents him from ...

Philadephia Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox’s day job prevents him from climbing behind the wheel of a racecar, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still deeply involved in the sport he’s loved since childhood. The three-time Pro Bowl selection spends his off weekends at the drag strip or making moves to bolster his teams position as one of the quickest Limited Drag Radial cars in the class.

With his salary ranking among the highest in the league, Cox has the funds to ensure his team has the best of everything when it comes to equipment and that includes their hauler, which was recently wrapped at Kryptonite Kustomz in Tulsa, Oklahoma. To say it came out well would be a ridiculous understatement. The video, which was posted by Kryptonite’s owner on Facebook, shows just how over-the-top badass the Cox Racing rig is with its new wrap.

The rig itself isn’t brand new, though it was just delivered earlier this year. I had the opportunity to check it out up close when I helped the team set up the awning at Woodstock back in April and I can tell you when it comes to race car haulers, this rig is absolutely top of the line. It was delivered, as most rigs are, in stark white with polished or chrome trim. While it was certainly clean, it needed something to give the rig more impact, so Kryptonite Kustomz was tasked with giving it a fresh now bold look, and did they ever deliver!

The rigs rolls carefully out of the huge rollup door at Kryptonite and when the light hits the vivid blue and black tribal design, the colors pop like crazy! The contrasting blue and black colors scheme make the chrome and polished aluminum trim look even shinier, and the whole thing just looks amazing. If you see this rig rolling down the highway, give the driver a big thumbs up, or follow them to the drag strip and catch the Cox Racing team in action!

Fletcher Cox Racing rig is ready to roll! Utilizing the new printable 3m metallic silver makes colors look candy wet. Times are changing. Give us a call if you want the latest and greatest. Thanks Fletcher for the opportunity shine your ride!

Posted by Chris Davis on Thursday, December 21, 2017

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