Float Your Cares Away In This Incredible Tiny Houseboat

For those who have ever considered living aboard a boat, space is a major issue ...

For those who have ever considered living aboard a boat, space is a major issue sometimes. Even on a bigger boat, there isn’t going to be as much room as one would have with a house. Therefore, every last square foot needs to be used to the most efficient manner it can be. This is where people sometimes get creative. Perhaps one setup could be repurposed and creatively molded into a place that would be a joy to live in. After all, there are people all over the world, at sea and on land, who are stretching out the space available to them.

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This time, we caught eyes with a houseboat that really blew our minds. Seriously, we think that this is something that everybody needs to say. A combination of factors put in place here really make this thing look like an absolute blast to live in. On the outside, it might not seem that big and it really isn’t. However, once we begin to explore the inside, things get better with every second. It looks like they’ve really made the most of the available space, here. In fact, we might even go so far as to say that some of the finishes used in this situation can rival even those that most would find their houses.

By following along with the video below, we get a tour of “The Tiny.” The boat created by Harbor Cottage Houseboats is one that might have most people thinking they need some more water in their lives. Even those who never saw themselves as being the “boat type” might be swayed by this one. It really has a lot to offer. The vessel might be small but once we get the guided tour, we find that what it has to offer is anything but.

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