Forced Induction Technology: 3D Supercharger Animation

Forced Induction Technology: 3D Supercharger Animationpre-entries are now live for ...

Forced Induction Technology: 3D Supercharger Animation

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Everybody has their opinion on which method of power adding makes the most sense for their application. Some people like nitrous, others like turbos, and the remainder who aren’t naturally aspirated prefer a good old-fashioned supercharger.

No matter what your preference, you have to admit that the folks over at ProCharger are doing some pretty awesome stuff with their supercharger kits.

Today, we take a look inside of one of the superchargers thanks to some really nifty 3-D animations and hear from the company why they thinks that their method of forced induction is the most bang for your buck.

Check out the video below that gives us quite a different look at how exactly these blowers work. What is your ideal version of a power adder?

Check out the video below that gives us the ins and outs of how a turbo works.


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