Ford F-350 Pulling out Stuck Chevy Truck

To some, pulling out a truck that stuck in a ditch might just seem like another ...

To some, pulling out a truck that stuck in a ditch might just seem like another laborer at their job, going to work, but to others, watching it all go down is like poetry in motion as one truck musters up as much torque as it possibly can to get the other out of a tight situation.

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This time, we run across a situation that’s probably going to have the Ford owners clambering as a Ford F-350 is enlisted to pull out none other than a Chevrolet Colorado that looks to have dug it’s hole just a little bit too deep as it slid off of the road and into a ditch!

Check out the video below that puts you on the scene of this heavy duty diesel truck getting together as much muscle as it needs to do its duty and do it right. Luckily for this Chevy truck owner, there was a helping hand to be lend here because otherwise, he might not have ever made it out of that pesky ditch!

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