Ford Focus Driver Has Zero Memory On How To Pull Out Of A Parking Spot… Nails Car Next To Her!

As far as brad driving jobs go, we thought we had seen it all. However this woman ...

As far as brad driving jobs go, we thought we had seen it all. However this woman took things to an entirely new level. Parking itself is a pretty tough task for some, but with modern technology most cars today have cameras to assist you.

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As she attempts to pull the car out of her parking spot she had side swiped the car next to her, which is where the video starts as she attempts to pull out of her parking spot, she gets into the side of the other car AGAIN! Yes, she was attempting to leave the scene of the incident, and managed to hit the car again.

As she assesses the damage, even wiping her hand across the other car, she looks, and goes to the rear of her car where she grabs what appears to be a “Wet wipe” hoping to erase the damage. Maybe she thought this was a “Magic eraser” that fixes damage to cars? We’re not really sure the intent there.

The part we can’t stand is that she just drove off… No note, not even trying to hang around to wait for the other person to come out. She just left the scene of a crime without even letting anyone know what had happen. If this gets sent in to the local police department she could be facing some legal ramifications. Hit and run is nothing to joke about. We just hope they all have insurance.

After the impromptu car wash, and placing the hub cap she knocked off the other car, she proceeds to get back into her Ford Focus, attempts to pull out of her spot, which took her a very long time, and a few attempts. We’re not totally sure what state she got a license in, but she clearly should not be driving.

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