Ford Invests $500 Million Into Rivian, With The All Electric F-150 In Mind!

No matter what way we look, one can’t help but feel like this is a pivotal time ...

No matter what way we look, one can’t help but feel like this is a pivotal time in automotive culture. Whether it’s electric power, autonomous technology, or both, we’re looking at a world like never before. It seems like we’re really in the dawn of this kind of tech being more than a gimmick. Now that electric technology is being smoothed out and becoming more mainstream, we’re going to start seeing some really cool things come to life. It seems like most automakers are chomping at the bit in order to be the first adopters. Being the first to market could end up paying off big time. Perhaps, forming relationships might make a company propel into the stratosphere.

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An Unlikely Partnership

In recent news, it seems like a couple of hot names in electric are going to be forming a sort of alliance. This morning, Motor Authority broke the news that Ford has become a minority stakeholder in the Rivian brand. The company announced the investment of $500 million.

For those who aren’t familiar yet, Rivian is slated to be one of the first to market by next year. The company is also part owned by Amazon.

Will Ford Be Using Rivian’s Tech in the Electric F-150?

While the likely outcome of this would be the implementation of Rivian’s research into the electric F-150, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead, Ford insists that they already have made great headway on their truck’s architecture. Implementing a different combination would be a sort of step backward in the timeline. However, we do understand that Ford will be looking to use Rivian’s modular EV platform in a future model.

Motor Authority tells us that Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of global operations, will be on Rivian’s board of directors. It seems as if the future will hold a collaborative platform. For now, though, it seems as if the partnership will take on more of an exchanging of ideas role.

Earlier this year, Rivian and General Motors had been rumored to be communicating with one another over a partnership. It leads one to wonder what’s to come next for this hot commodity of a company.

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