Ford Ranger Rolls Over at Spectator Drags… Those Rims Though!

The spectator drags is an event that allows anyone and we mean ANYONE to participate ...

The spectator drags is an event that allows anyone and we mean ANYONE to participate in a little bit of racing action. If your car can pass a simple technical inspection, has four wheels, and can move under its own power, you’re in!

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Basically, the premise is a simplified version of circle track racing that will give competitors a lap or two to prove that they’re faster than another car off the street, similarly to a drag racing test and tune session. When you throw the fact that you have to trust other peoples’ driving while going in a circle, things really get interesting.

While we would assume that most of the vehicles are capable of making a few laps, this Ford Ranger is not one of those vehicles, at least not in this unfortunate situation that had the truck going for a heck of a ride. In fact, the gigantic rims on it guarantee that the driver will have a story to tell for years to come. We tune in and watch as the mini truck comes around the last turn, rounding its way toward the starting line, when all of a sudden, it seems to get a bit ahead of itself as the high center of gravity takes over and makes this thing wobble around until it falls to the ground and rolls over.

Check out the video below as one of the spectators caught the whole crash on video as the truck left us in suspense for a moment before delivering on the momentum that was throwing it around. I guess that, at the end of the day, the drivers knew the consequences when they stepped up to the plate to take a crack at this track but it still sucks big time that this guy’s ride was lost in the crossfire of it all. Where will you be when the laws of physics kick in?

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