Ford F-150 6.2L Raptor VS Chevy 6.2L Silverado Real World MPG

Ford F-150 6.2L Raptor vs 2016 Chevy 6.2L Silverado Real World MPG* Click the image ...

Ford F-150 6.2L Raptor vs 2016 Chevy 6.2L Silverado Real World MPG

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There are many metrics that you might look at before spending your hard earned money on a brand new pickup truck. One of those metrics is fuel economy while under a load.

This time, we check out a bit of a comparison between the Chevrolet Silverado and Ford Raptor to see how the trucks are able to do on the highway.

Both of the trucks are loaded up and clicked in at the 70mph with their cruise control doing all of the work and the Chevy vs Ford all-American smackdown is on!

Check out the video below that shows off the testing of the Raptor to see how it does against the Chevrolet. Who do you think is coming out on top in this battle?

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