Ford Reveals the New 2019 Mustang “Bullitt” and it’s Badder Than Ever

If there is one car chase throughout American cinema that has really made people be ...

If there is one car chase throughout American cinema that has really made people be able to appreciate all of the following car chases and has kind of paved the way for all of these future chases, many would argue that it would be the iconic chase from Bullitt. As the back-and-forth between the Dodge Charger an iconic Ford Mustang hustled through the streets of San Francisco, they would meet all sorts of different obstacles and challenges that would make the car chase the first of its kind, really outlining exactly what America didn’t yet know they wanted to see but has since been the golden standard.

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In fact, it seemed as if the movie has grown so much in popularity that it would even spawn off a whole bunch of different merchandise surrounding the hero car. Some of this merchandise even got a little bit more expensive than most, I guess you could say, as they made a car in its honor, giving rise to a newer Bullitt Ford Mustang that you could find on new car lots across the country. In fact, the concept has bee released several times, including with the New Edge body style in 2001 and the S-197 body style in 2008-2009. This time, on the fiftieth anniversary of the film, we will indeed see a 2019 Bullitt Mustang as well, bringing those unique styling queues and iconic green color to the S-550 body style.

To introduce the car, we were able to get a special treat of hearing from Steve McQueen’s granddaughter as she talked all about his essence and what it was that made the original car so special and why she thinks that the 2019 version is going to do more of the same. Car collectors probably have their eyes peeled as this might be one for the record books but for now, we’re just raring and ready to see it on the streets when it finally comes around.



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