Ford Struggles To Stay Alive As America’s Oldest Automaker In 2019

If you’re looking for an industry that’s safe to invest in for something ...

If you’re looking for an industry that’s safe to invest in for something long term that’s going to babysit your money, the automotive industry probably isn’t a good bet. It seems like every other day, we’re looking at some major hit that the industry has taken or a substantial shift that means companies within need to make big changes in order to stay alive. Now you could argue that this is the case for plenty of industries, which might be true, but when you look at how drastically the way that we get around has changed in the last couple of decades, it’s hard to deny that the auto industry is among one of the quickest to change.

In addition to this quickness to change, it also seems like an industry that really struggles when it comes time to combat a tough economy as we’ve seen with foreign buyouts and bailouts. However, through it all, no matter how much change has come about, Ford has really shown a strong initiative to try and stay ahead of the curve as they’re the only American automaker to have never taken part in a buyout or a bailout. With one of their latest decisions to discontinue their cars and stick with bigger vehicles, you can see that Ford has stayed with this sort of initiative to try and stay ahead of the industry.

However, it seems like, in 2019, just when maybe all of the heavy hitters thought that they could just make solid vehicles and take a rest, technology is bringing yet another curveball to the brand to take a swing at as electric cars rise with new competitors like Tesla and everyone is trying to stay on the cutting edge as we see electronics take over every aspect of transportation as it’s hard to deny that most cars certainly have a lot going on no matter what way you look as they take a stab at integrating with all of the other electronics in your life.

How has Ford stayed in the game so far and how will they continue to play ball? Down in the video below, CNBC takes the opportunity to dissect just that. Do you think that Ford is going to make it out of the other end of this shift in one piece?

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