FPV Drone Gets Up Close And Personal To Catch Killer Drift Action

It’s no secret that over the past couple of years, drones have drastically changed ...

It’s no secret that over the past couple of years, drones have drastically changed the way we see the world. What was once technology reserved for the military and high-end video production teams has become so commonplace that we really don’t even bat an eye when we see a quadcopter buzzing around these days.

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As drone technology advances even further, we’re starting to see some of the incredible ways these little mini copters can be used to bring us in closer to the action than ever before, such as this amazing video from First Person View pilot Johnny FPV. Using a camera mounted on the drone, Johnny actually navigates using a headset that shows him what the drone is seeing, as if he were on board the craft itself. Once you get the hang of it, this type of setup offers extremely precise control and the ability to follow things like never before, because you can see what the drone itself is seeing.

I’m not sure if this drone has a dual-camera setup, as some do, that allows Johnny to focus on flying while another operator mans the camera that’s actually recording the video, or if Johnny is just using his supreme control to keep his view focused on the cars and operating the rig solo.

Either way, this drift footage looks absolutely amazing. With this drone clearly capable of some high speeds, it’s able to fly along just above the cars, bringing us unprecedented views of the action, from angles that no other camera can capture. It’s crazy to see and hear these cars from just a few feet away, not just as they pass by, as with typical cameras, but actually following along with them as they shred around the course.

This is some great stuff, Johnny FPV gets all the credit for being a badass pilot and bringing us closer to the action than ever before!


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